Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Doctor's Office

I figured that since I am still in pain after 3 weeks.... I need some assistance : ) I don't like going to the doctors office. I dread the 45 minute wait in the the first waiting room.... only to wait another 15 in the second! Then I feel rushed and I forget everything I want to say. I write things down now and I try to sneak in a couple issues. As you may or may not know, many doctors' offices in Ontario have a "1 problem per visit" policy.

The diagnosis:

I was truly shocked to hear the doc say "Patella Femoral Syndrome". I actually argued with him... I suffered from this years ago and my symptoms weren't all the same this time around. He told me how he came to this conclusion and gave me some exercises to do. I couldn't dispute it.... ok, ok I'll admit it, he was right! He also said that I had IT band and hamstring issues that will require some physiotherapy (.... I feel vindicated!) .

p.s. I always get the urge to steal some tongue depressors or cotton balls when I am waiting in the office. You know..... just for fun! I have never followed through. =)

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