Friday, February 20, 2009

Here's a funny story...exerpts taken from my email to a friend... (not running related)

Our bed room is an above garage "bonus" room. It is very spacious and has a small hall, off that a walk in closet, and an open concept 4 piece bathroom. There is no door to the bathroom.... it is separated by a glass block wall (hate the glass block... too 80's for me). In the bathroom there is a corner jacuzzi and a walk- in shower, toilet, and vanity area. I have come to terms with such an open concept of living (used to be freaked out by the thought of someone barging in on me). I rarely close the bedroom door.

I am taking my evening shower. I am almost finished... just a bit bent over to get under the shower head to really give my hair a good scrub/ rinse. My eyes are closed and I am rinsing away..... well doesn't jackass come and f'n tap me on the shoulder (excuse the French). I think I pooped!

He laughed and said "I was really going to scare you by screaming and grabbing you!" So in his mind, that makes it like he didn't scare me at all..... Even though he gets to have the big belly laugh at my expense.

He loves scaring me! I think it's just a karmic payback for scaring my mom all those years. I remember hiding in closets until she got into bed.... aaaahhh the good 'ol days!

Another reason he likes to scare me is because I don't yell or scream. I have a delayed reaction..... when I manage to react (usually several seconds after the actual scary part) all that comes out my mouth is a very loud, high pitched "EEEEEEEEK!". He thinks it's so funny!!! tee hee hee..... NOT! I am so embarrassed about my "eeeeking" that I don't normally admit to it! Since there are only a hand full of people who actually read this (and I appreciate all of you) I will let my guard down.

Sooooooo, anytime I get a chance to scare him, I ruin it....

I get into position, I'm primed, and he's oblivious..... well don't I always start giggling?! I think about his reaction and can't help but laugh out loud. So he gets a heads up and I don't end up scaring him.... not even a little. I do get a good laugh though! I think that I am happier with "could have" scaring him than if I actually did. Too funny.... I am cracking up now just thinking about it!

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Derek said...

Thats funny; I really enjoy scaring my kids because they get so tickled by it. They don't really scream as much as they start laughing, after a second delay!!