Thursday, February 19, 2009

Do your running clothes smell even after you've washed them?????

I buy performance clothing for my running and exercising needs. Most of which has some sort of moisture wicking property that prohibits the use of fabric softeners and bleaches, etc......

When working out, I am a gal that sweats! I make no apologies.... I work hard, I sweat, I stink!!!

I am frustrated with the fact that even though I wash my performance wear.... the smell sticks into the fabric over time. Well, Soap Suds claims that they can remove the smells and Keep my performance wear newer, longer.

I have ordered a sample. It is a "4 Load" sample (because I have a HE washer I will get 8 loads) that has cost me $2 CDN up front. I will receive the sample along with a $2 coupon that can be used for a future online order. I am really excited to try it! Not sure how long it's going to take to get here but I'll be sure to blog the results!!!


Real Live Lesbian said...

Cool! I need that for my fancy dancy running socks that I clod around in.

Pudd and Bubba said hey~!

Anonymous said...

A local bike racer tried many different things to get the stick out, and found Spray n Wash worked best. Here is his review: