Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A white Christmas may be in our future!!!

We got our first accumulative snowfall last night (about 4 -5 inches) and it looks like we're in for another storm on Friday!

Anyhoo, because of my back strain last week I missed a couple P90X sessions. I did the program that hurt me last week and I took it easy for the locomotive curls :) I did an eleven mile run yesterday and my hamstring is in some pain. I am going to have to really be careful with that one, as it has been coming slowly on for a couple of years now. I may have to omit the P90X legs and back workout entirely.... haven't decided yet. I could possibly just simplify the program to accommodate my injury. I am gonna take it day to day I suppose. Whine, whine, whine.... I need some cheese now... maybe just some more wine :) Bought some today in fact!!!! hee hee

I got a call today from the Bone Marrow registry folks. They will be sending me a buccal swab kit with detailed instructions. I mail it back to them and they will contact me to let me know that I am officially on the donor list. The lovely woman thanked me over and over again. I would be so honored if I could possibly save/ improve a life!!! If I do ever get to donate, I have to wait a year to find out if I am allowed to know the person's identity. Some agencies do not allow it but, will only tell you a year after the transplant. A bit odd but, they have the rules in place for a reason.



Derek said...

We have a forcast of low-42, and high of 64 with sunny skies. I guess the kids can play outside, which is always a positive!!

Stuart said...

Fingers crossed on both fronts!