Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Olympics 2010!!!!

Dear Stacey

Thank you for making your pledge to create a better Canada(TM) and
registering for your chance to be an Olympic Torchbearer. This email confirms
your registration.

You have selected the following dates to carry the torch

1st Selection: Day 55, 12/23/2009 Chatham, ON - Windsor, ON

2nd Selection: Day 56, 12/24/2009 Windsor, ON - London, ON

We will contact you by email or phone at the number(s) provided in your application
form to confirm whether you have been pre-selected as a torchbearer in the
2010 Olympic Torch Relay by Summer 2009.

Keep your fingers crossed!!!!! To find out how you can register to become an Olympic torch bearer go to www.carrythetorch.com


leslie said...

How cool!!!

Stuart said...

Very nice, fingers crossed for you!

Oh and nice score on the Nike jacket!

Stacey said...

I won't find out until April so I will be anxiously awaiting the call!!