Monday, December 22, 2008

Dirty dishes

I am up this morning and I am staring a huge pile of dirty dishes. We had a Christmas soiree with a few friends yesterday. It was really great to spend some time with them... eating, drinking, talking, exchanging gifts... then more eating and more drinking!!!!

I had purchased a "fancy" bottle of Evian water (Christian Lacriox designed the label) and had placed it in the snow to chill. When I thought about it a few hours later I pulled it out, only to realize that the bottle had frozen and cracked in half! What a bummer!

I am brewing my second cup of tea.... I have just listened to a voice message from my dad.... he and Janet are coming down today! That helps with some inspiration to get cracking on my dishes.

I have to manage to get in a 6 mile pace run and P90x's program for the day. Starting week 8... diet has been off.... again ... so I am feeling bloaty and heavy and gross. I am going to try to enjoy myself this holiday season... I know that in the end, if I looked back on my life I wouldn't be concerned about having had that second or third macaroon!!

So to all the people in the "I have to watch my weight" boat ... it's Christmas time , be kind to yourselves!! Have a second slice or another helping without feeling guilty because you're worth it!!!!


Stuart said...

Oh yeah two weeks of second slices, no point in mentally chewing yourself out on this one!

Derek said...

I think I will have seconds and thirds, and possibly fourths!!

Stacey said...

We can all just take lots of laxatives in the new year!!! lol I will be thinking of you guys when I pour my next glass of wine or have my second slice of Grandma's apple pie!!!! Yummy!