Monday, December 8, 2008

P90X... the start of week 6!!!

Well today is the first day of week six for me.... I am almost halfway done!! Here is what I can tell you so far. The diet portion of the plan is SOOOOOOOO important... don't stick to it, and you don't get the results. I was seeing the results and really pleased... I fell off the "diet wagon" and all the progress went away. I have been back on track for a week now and am starting to feel that it is working again. It's gonna be very difficult during the holidays... but I have to think positive. I think that a cheat day on occasion is just fine... in all honesty, I was just having too many cheat days :)


Derek said...

Thats funny, but I think I have more cheat days than regular days. I need to fix that!!!

Unknown said...

We can do it Derek!!!!!

Derek said...

Have you tried out the new Injinji Eco series socks yet? Looking forward to hearing what you have to say about them.