Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lions vs. Vikings... my first football game ever!

I spent the most part of the day partaking in "Football Sunday"! I attended my first real football game ever. I am not much of a sports fan and was very lucky to have some friends to explain the basics!!! Unfortunately, our team (Lions) lost. I am told that it's the best they've played all season. I really enjoyed the experience but don't think that I would do it again for awhile... my butt got real sore sitting for so long and I got real figity!!!!! I couldn't keep track of where the ball was and I got distracted by the spectators and the lights etc...

I had been to Ford Field before... we used to finish the Detroit Free Press Marathon on the 50 yard line. I saw myself on the jumbo tron and walked across the field! I am very sad that the marathon does not finish there anymore.... Maybe it's because the finishers were required to walk up several hundred stairs to exit the stadium (well.... what felt like several hundred) :) I must admit that it was a wee bit difficult after completing a marathon.
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