Wednesday, December 10, 2008

10 mile run in the rain.....

Yesterday's 10 mile run was "wet" to say the very least. It did not stop raining all day! I had my water proof jacket and my water resistant pants but nothing for my head. So I used my old standby... the plastic bag. It's not very attractive but it does the trick!! . It was milder than usual so my head got all wet with sweat anyway :) It was about 3 degress (37.4 F).

I wore my new Bamboo Injinji socks..... put the socks on prior to running and was wearing Adidas flip flops with them. You know the kind that has the nubs on the bottom? Anyway, the flip flop nubs caused the socks to pill a lot, that sucks!

Got home and pulled off the wet shoes and socks.... noted a tiny blister between my toes. I must tell you that I do normally get blisters with Injinjis (fewer than without)... just have some weird toes that like to cuddle up to one another while running!

So my review on Injinji Eco Bamboo socks would be as follows:

The socks perform like the older style, they are softer to the touch, and at the end of the day probably worth the extra $1 to help save the planet!!!

p.s. Don't wear them with the nubby Adidas flip flops!


Stuart said...

Injinji blister me at the 20 mile mark, I need the extra padding. Kudos for running in the rain though!

Stacey said...

Glad to hear that I am not alone!!