Thursday, December 11, 2008


I did an exercise last night that is part of the P90X program and really did a number on my lower back and right hamstring.... it was either caused from the "Superman" exercise where you lie on your stomach and raise your arms and legs in the air and hold for 10 seconds (repeat 5x) or the "locomotive lawnmower" - not sure of exact name. This is where you bend over one leg in front of the other in a squat stance (bent knees) and quickly raise your weighted arms like you're starting a lawnmower... one arm at a time. I am certain that I screwed that description up : ) I knew I was tired and I could feel my back shifting from side to side and actually had to adjust my legs to try and keep my back stable. Maybe it was a combination of the two?!

Today will be a write off! I try some stretching and massage. Blah!


Derek said...

Oh goodness, there is nothing worse than back pain! I hope you get over your injury quickly and get back to running.

PS. I read your whole blog today and it was very interesting reading!! Only on question, what does the tattoo on your hip stand for? I have 3 tattoos so I know they all have meanings!

Stuart said...

Chiropractor, stat!

Unknown said...

HI Derek! Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog :)

I also have 3 tattoos. The one you inquired about is written in Kanji. It means "Princess"! I was going to come up with something spiritual or meaningful and then I thought I may as well call it like it is : ) I have a new tattoo in the design phase. I have changed it several times... I should just bring it to the artist to get a hand with it. My other tattoos are of a Celtic sun and a butterfly. The butterfly I had done when I was 17 and I am so glad the artist talked me out of my original design: a spider crawling out of my belly button. Thank goodness for his knowledge and guidance... would have been a huge mistake!

I saw you getting your Logo tattooed on your blog (cool btw!)... what others do you have?

Bet you didn't bargain for such a winded response!

Derek said...

I also have a snake eyes tattoo, which goes back to my golfing days, and I'm a huge Chicago Cubs fan, so I have a Cubs tattoo as well. Looking at getting some sort of cycling tattoo in the future.