Saturday, November 1, 2008

Today's Newspaper...

Remember the Teen Health Gala that I went to? Well, I was in today's paper (see above). This post is mostly for family up north (Dad and Janet) and out West (Hi Jodie, Dave and Joanne!!!). Hope you guys are well!!!! Apparently, a similar photo (one from the same gala) is in a Windsor Life Magazine but I haven't seen it yet! Not sure that I will... I skimmed through the magazine and sent it out with the recycle without realizing that my mug was in it.

Foot update:

I gave my feet a good scrub with my foot file... most of the callouses and peely blister skin are gone now. I think that I may go and get a pedicure sometime soon. The toenail that fell off is still growing in... the last couple of centimeters are taking forever!!! I just want regular toenails again... please!!!!!

Running shoe update:

I have found out through an Adidas representative that my shoe... Boston Classic, will no longer be made after 2009. The reason being is that most people don't like the fact that the toe box is wide and the arch and heel are narrow..... exactly what I love about them. I don't know what I will do but I have another year to find a pair or 2 or 20 :)

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Derek said...

Wow, another 15 minutes of fame for you!! I hate it when they discontinue a shoe. I have 4-5 pairs of my running shoes hoping that they never run out, but I know one day they will!