Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hi, My name is Windy Wendy!!!!

Well today's 8 mile run was a wee bit on the windy side. It was -4 with the windchill (24.8 Fahrenheit). I headed out and could feel the wind at my back. It actually propelled me forward on a few occasions. The whole time out I was dreading the return trip. I made it to the turn around and headed into the wind!!!! I thought that the cold wind was the worst part of the run... hell no...... It started to rain ice cubes (possibly a bit smaller)... each pellet felt like a razor blade slicing at my cheeks.

After a run like this I feel that I have really accomplished something. I know that I haven't even seen the worst of what winter is going to bring but each time I have a "bad weather run", I get stronger and braver : )

Cold weather running does not look half as glamorous as warm weather runs do!!! I must stretch now and then do my P90X Core Synergistics dvd.
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