Monday, November 24, 2008

Home Gym

Here is where it all happens!!!

I have a projection system that allows me to watch television, dvd's, and tapes. I painted a white rectangle on the wall and the viewing is spectacular (not to mention I saved a bunch on a pull down screen). I have speakers set up on either side of the room so that the sound fills the space.

This is where the P90X is taking place... I am sure that you can see the blood, sweat and tears on the floors and walls!!!!!

After 3 weeks of P90X people are noticing a difference in my body. I can honestly say that my butt is tighter and smaller : ) The whole program is worth it for just that!!!!! I am excited to see what the next phase brings in terms of results.


Stuart said...

Holy smoke that's a sweet set up, I am stuck with my trainer in the garage and the treadmill in the dining room still I don't have the winter like you do!

I prefer my set and I'll keep my weather!

Derek said...

Very nice set up and really like the Cervelo P3 and the 2 time IM finisher awards. Now if I could only swim!

Stacey said...

Thanks SLB.... I am pretty lucky to have the space to have a home gym.

Winter running certainly makes you feel alive!!! You can't stop for fear of freezing to death!!! hee hee

Stacey said...


Those bikes, along with the Ironman finisher frames, are my husband's (mine's the one with the pink seat). I, like you, can't swim!!! I only feel comfortable riding my bike on the trainer.... I fell 2x on my first outing with clipless peddles. Now I shake and cry "like a girl" when I go out on the road :)

northernbliss said...

Hey Stacey - I really like the picture of you with the wind in your hair - it is you.