Monday, July 28, 2008


Well today I went to have my massage... don't get too jealous as it was an ITBand grinding, mutilating, sadist massage. Any of you who have had this done will know my pain (if not consider yourslef lucky!). Legs felt really good afterwords... then I had my running gait analyzed... well we tried to, but the treadmill malfunctioned and just stopped in the middle of my analysis:) My therapist did note that I swing my upper body too much. I hadn't realized that until they asked me to run while giving myself a hug (hope you get the visual). I had such a hard time staying straight, my upper body was swinging side to side. I had no idea that it was so bad:)

Here's the funny part... I am told that my core strength is not good enough. Yes, the woman who has done situps/ crunches for the past 20 years. I was told that there is a muscle underneath the muscles that I have developed that I need to work on...... the real core muscle. Can't remember the name though. I have my home work exercises and stretches to do. It is very time consuming... all this recovery business!

On a positive note I finally got to meet Chris. He is the gentleman that is organizing and running in the World Alzheimer Day Run. Until today we had only communicated via email or facebook. Soooooo great to finally meet him in person! He's done a great job with the race!

Happy birthday goes out to my friend Julie!!!!!! Hope she has a special day (even though it's her first day back to work in almost 2 weeks:)).

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