Thursday, July 24, 2008

Adidas Boston Class W... the best road running shoe in the world!

Well let's just say that I had an incredibly fortunate find. My running shoes.... my first love.... I found them!!! Hooray!!! I had popped into the Adidas outlet to do a quick look about and I thought I would look for a new pair of shoes. I went through the isles and had found a pair that I was going to consider. And then it happened...... I saw the shoes.... they looked familiar.... I looked at the box and saw those lovely words "Boston Class W". I quickly checked for my size (10) and they had one pair. I would have bought 5 if they had them!!

I wore my new runners for an easy 6 mile run... which, by the way, was pain free (hooooeeeee!!). I think it must have been the shoes! I was a bit hesitant to get out after Tuesday's disaster but, am so glad I did. I was originally going to go out 7 miles but didn't want to take any chances. Happy days!!

What am I going to do with the $160 runners I just bought a month ago???? Put them in the pile of crappy, expensive runners! I do wear them on occasion... but not for running.

Well gotta go and stretch!

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