Tuesday, July 29, 2008

20 mile training run in the fricken desert

Woke up, got outta bed, realized that I had slept past my alarm:( Got my self together... had the added time of icing my legs and really stretching them out... instructions from my therapist! I am a good patient:) Got out the door at 9:10 am.

The first hour and a half was great! My tunes were keeping me motivated. I was well hydrated and fueled up! It almost came out of no where... but I noticed that I was really getting hot. I was getting so hot that I started getting chills (not a good sign). I tried to drink more water and make sure my electrolytes were at good levels. Things went from bad to worse over the next half hour. My wind tunnel was not windy at all, in fact the air was quite still. I started to see spots... I knew that I was going to pass out if I didn't get cooled off quickly.

I was not going to stop at Rick n' Tammy's but decided that it was in my best interest. Luckily Rick was arriving home as I was fumbling toward his driveway. He brought me a nice cold bottled water. I asked to use his hose. It took quite some time for the water to cool off as it was in the sun. I hosed my self while lying on the grass. I didn't want to get my shoes/ socks wet.

Once cooled off I headed back out (only 6 miles to go). I must report that my knees felt good. They were feeling heavy and like they would really start to hurt at any moment.... but didn't. Yippee for me!!!

When I got to my driveway and opened the mail box guess what I found????..... My order from Running Free!!! Happy days!!! Got me some Injinjis and a pair of tights (shorts).

Once in the door I read my thermometer..... 34 degress celcius... that doesn't include the humidex..... Holy hot Batman!

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