Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ab Ripper X....

... part of the P90X program, did not disappoint! I have been doing various crunches/ situps etc. for the last 20 years (gosh it seems like only yesterday that I started:)) and I was not able to complete all of the Ab Ripper X 15 minute program!!

The program offers several core/ ab exercises (obviously)... each exercise is done 25 times (some exercises are 2 "parters" so it's more like 50 reps:)). I completed the first few exercises in their entirety. The rest... I did what I could manage... approx. 10 -15 reps.

I am sore today!! Whooooweeee! I am so excited about this dvd.

I will take this opportunity to mention how much I love working with medicine balls. I think that the core workout is absolutely great! I have a 6, 10, and 12 pound ball that I use on a regular basis.

Don't go out and pay tons of cash (like I did for mine) and buy them at a Fitness specialty store. Your local Foot Locker type stores sell them at a fraction of the cost.

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