Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Runing apparel...

Someone said to me "if you're so self conscious about your body, why do you wear short skirts and jog bras to go running?"..... hmmmmm... it really got me thinking, as it's true.

When I first started running a few years back I wore shorts down to my knees and baggy t-shirts. As the temperatures got warmer and I was sweating my but off I decided to take a look at the sport stores for running apparel. I purchased my first fitted racer back style shirt and some short tights. I kept these in my closet for quite some time until I had a "skinny day" and got the nerve to go out in public..... scantily clad. About a mile into the run the tights started riding up my legs until I looked like I had underwear on.... I could have died! I was so self conscious... I felt like everyone was looking at me... I wanted the run to end!

When I got home I thought about the experience... yes, I was uncomfortable but I was cooler.... was I that vain to think that everyone was staring at me?

After that experience I decided that I needed to be comfortable when I ran (so I lost the "riding up" tights). I figured that I had to check my "issues" at the door when I left for my runs. I then began wearing running "outfits" and cute little things that fit well and stayed in place. When I run now, I am in my own little world..... I focus on my running, not what I think people are thinking about me.

GymGirl Gripper SummerDress TRIKini Top
I have some fun items coming in from Sportskirts! See? What woman would not want to be wearing these while exercising??!!!! I am addicted! I think that my running wardrobe is larger than most people's entire wardrobe! hee hee:)

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