Friday, April 11, 2008

Martian Marathon brought to us by Running Fit!!

The alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. I get up and get dressed and try to wake Andrew up gently knowing that he has not slept much in the past few days! It took awhile but he crawled out of bed and hopped in the shower and we were out the door.

We met Dave at the McDonald's by the Bridge at 7a.m. Dave hopped in with us and we were off!!! We arrived with plenty of time (hard to judge what the border is going to be like). We peed and made our way to the Start line. I was surprised as to the amount of people..... realized that they were mostly signed up for the half marathon. I would suspect that most people are just starting their training and it's too early in the season for them!

It was chilly at the start.... but, we knew that it was going to get warm. It was a perfect day for a marathon.... Maybe a little too windy at times:)

I would like to take this time to Thank Dave for agreeing to run the marathon with me. It made such a world of difference having someone to run with. I could only imagine how long and boring the course would have been without him! Thanks Dave!!!!!!!!

The course started out very packed with people. Once we got to the half marathon turnaround.... people dropped like flies! Out of the 2000 or so participants only 300ish were marathoners. They had sufficient Aid stations but did not offer much in terms of Cheering sections.

Andrew met us just past the half way mark at the turn around! It was great to have our own little cheering section! I would also like to thank the two women that were holding up their home- made sign. They were apparently following a runner... they would drive ahead and be waiting for them at the side of the road. Dave and I got to appreciate their "Cheering"! We connected in a small way and it was fun!! So "Thank You strangers" for your encouragement. It's funny how something as small as seeing a person... feeling like you're connected/ connecting with them.... helps psychologically!!

We ended our race victoriously!!! The training day was a success!! Off the top my head..... we ran a 4hour 34 minute marathon.

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