Friday, April 11, 2008

8 Mile Post Marathon Run

The day after the marathon I tried to do a run.... my back was in agony from the run/ jog so I walked briskly for 35 minutes. I did a bike ride on Tuesday and did weights on Wednesday. Thursday was the "get back into the groove day"!

I must say that the run went very well! I was very pleased at how good I felt. I still find it so amazing that I can recover so quickly after long runs now. My first marathon left me a cripple for at least 3 days..... to think that was not even a year ago!!!! Wow! I believe that most of the recovery is "mental"...... I don't have the time to be hobbling around.... my body needs to be ready to go again.

I keep getting closer and closer to Sulphur Springs.... soon it will be here!!!! Yipes!!!!!

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