Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day Before the Martian Marathon

My husband agreed to take me to Dearborn Heights to pick up my race packet.  We also wanted to get some shopping in at Ikea!!!

We make it to the Expo and pick up my race packet (and my friend Dave's also) and check out the booths for good deals on their wares.  The Expo was small so we left with only a water bottle and chap stick that we won at the Lymphoma booth.  I must say that the race t shirt is awesome!  It is not unlike any you've ever seen!  I think that it is about the best thing going for the Marathon!!!!!

Andrew and I then went for lunch (lots of carb loading to be done:)) and had cocktails and then went to Ikea where we dropped $100.

We went to Dick's sporting goods to see if they carried my Injinji socks....... no luck:(  We decided to head home.

Got into Canada around 8pm and went to Pizza Hut for dinner.  I really wanted the fettuccine Alfredo.... having worked at Pizza Hut as a very young teen  I remember loving the fettuccine.  Unlike most things.... the meal was just as I had remembered!  I was thrilled!

Got home and got my gear ready for the next morning!  Finally crawled into bed around midnight!!!!

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