Thursday, March 27, 2008


I received my Nathan Intensity hydration vest yesterday.  This baby rocks!!!!!  I took it for a test ride (18 mile run) and it surpassed all expectations!  I had been using a hydration pack that was suited towards cyclists (as it was free to husbands).

This vest is made for Women!!!  I have narrow shoulders and it fit so more fussing with straps that constrict your diaphragm,  no more dealing with  a bouncing  pack.  This vest sat so comfortably I hardly knew it was on.  I loved the gel pouch and zippered pocket located on the front. 

Drinking from this thing was amazing.  It was like drinking from a glass, not sucking through a collapsed straw.  I should have spent the money sooner!!!!  At just under $100 it is an investment.... well worth it though!!!!!!

I am also awaiting the arrival of the Fuel Belt "Trail Running" belt.  So excited to try it as I have been using my husband's old fuel belt that is frankly, too big!!!!!  I have made it work for me for a couple of years now.  It's time I got my own.  I think that I am now officially "into" this thing called Running:)
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