Thursday, February 28, 2008

Today's run

So happy!

It was -6 degrees (-12 with wind chill) when I left the house. I started running and soon noticed that I felt really good! It was cold but my face had already become numb. I really felt great....... hadn't felt this in a long time:) Remember when you were a kid? You could run and play and never get tired or sore? Getting out of breath was fun??? That's how I felt! I also noted that I was running with better form....... aha.... I realized that it was because I did not have my water strapped to my back (camel pak). What a huge difference! I even toyed with the idea of entering a 100 mile race next year! What fun!!

Now that I am at home with aching legs and back..... I think I will think of 100 mile runs later:) This week I am scheduled to put in just over 50 miles..... I had better focus on completing that!

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