Friday, February 29, 2008

Salomon S-Lab XA Pro 3 trail shoe

Salomon S-Lab XA Pro 3 - USARA Award Winner 2007 - Men's Athletic Shoe

I am so in love with this shoe!!!!!!! I can't find a retailer in my area. I can only find "online" stores that want to charge and arm and a leg for shipping...... not to mention the broker fees and duty. I spent a good part of my afternoon trying to locate a pair of these puppies. I have not given up........... I just have some stuff to get done around the house......... and that pesky thing called "training"!!!!

Will provide a "News Flash" if I am able to get my hands on a pair!!! Keep your fingers crossed!!!!


Bryon Powell said...

Wow! Those are the most outrageously colored shoes I have ever seen outside of sprinting spikes!

Stacey said...

i so love them:)