Wednesday, February 27, 2008

People these days....

I really need some groceries so I head out to the "No Frills" (you have to pay a quarter for your cart and pay for your bags). I see a gentleman (I use the term loosely) that is bringing back his cart. I offer to take the cart off of his hands and give him a quarter. I soon realize that the cart is a piece of crap that only turns left and can't move forward in a straight line. I can't believe this jerk failed to mention how horrible the cart was. I finish my shopping.... which was completely humiliating as everyone stared at the "freakish chick" (Me!) struggling with her cart!!!!!

I get to my car and get the groceries put away and return the cart to the carousel (I am getting my quarter back!!!!). I place the cart into the cart in front and put the metal thingy in the slot......... get this................. there is no quarter!!!!

That f^@%ing a$$hole stole my quarter and gave me a crappy cart! I hope "Karma" bites him in the a$$........and soon!!!!

The end!

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