Friday, November 30, 2007

Started my Ultra Training!

Yes, I have finally started my Ultra training!!!!!! My 5 week recovery program was very enjoyable as I didn't push myself. It is amazing how much time running takes:) I have 24 weeks of training so that I can be able to complete my Ultra. My goal is to finish in under 12 hours. I believe that I am being reasonable. I want to enjoy the race without feeling like I have to kill myself to finish quickly. I will have the chance to improve my time later!

I must say that I really enjoy trail running. I hadn't run a trail since grade school! There is a huge hill where I train and I know that it will be most beneficial for my training! I have to figure out how to drink while running trails. I think that it should develop over time (as drinking while road running did).

I watched Ironman Austrailia yesterday and It really gets me pumped! I want to lose 10 pounds and it helps to motivate me! It is going to be hard to lose 10 pounds as the Christmas/ holiday season is fast approaching. I have to decide if I want it bad enough.

Training: My legs are real sore today so I am going to do a 40 minute bike instead of a 4mile run.


Brian Harvey said...

Hey, Good luck with your training! Are you going after a 50K or 50M? Which race?

Enjoy the training and the time on the trails. It's a beautiful sport! :)

Stacey said...

I am really new at this sort of thing. I didn't even realize that someone had posted on my blog. I am doing a 50 mile trail run called Sulphur Springs trail Race (Just outside of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

Hope this makes it to you!