Wednesday, April 2, 2014


After years of trying and after almost giving up, my sister Jodie has found out that she is pregnant!


I found out when I was in Abu Dhabi.  She told me because I would eventually inquire about her non-alcoholic beer She was waiting a few more weeks to tell the family.  I went shopping while she and David went to their first ultrasound appointment.  Jodie was very nervous because she is considered too be in a higher risk category because of her age.

When they met me at the mall Jodie showed me this (above).  I had never really looked at many ultrasound photos in my lifetime so I couldn't sort out heads or tails.  Jodie had to point out that there were 2 heads and 2 tails!  


I was better at sorting out the ultrasounds that were taken a few weeks later (above).

I am pleased to report that the babies are doing well.  Unfortunately, Jodie has been sick and exhausted the whole time.

She will be having identical twins.  She may find out if I will be gaining 2 more nieces or 2 nephews during her next ultrasound.  Her doctor could have told them last time but they wanted to think it over a bit more..... time will tell.

Gotta run.

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