Friday, August 3, 2012

Mish Mash of things......

In lieu of a storage shed we purchased this awesome trailer.
Dad checking out the new trailer.
Now we can bring our toys with us where ever we go.

Drive in, then drive out.
Our favorite feature is the drive-thru.

We had to get plates for the trailer at Service Ontario.  Thessalon is a very small town.......... the government office is inside a used car dealership.  LOL

Frogs are everywhere this time of year.
Playing real life "Frogger" is not fun.

I love watching these guys 'inch' their way around.

My head is not that big!
I put some bling on my atv helmet.  Janet liked it a lot so I surprised her with some sparkle.

FYI:  My helmet is big on me...... bought a size too large :o

ATVing 101:  you must stop periodically to hydrate.
Yesterday, we spent a good part of the afternoon out on the 4 wheelers.

I made sure to go flying through all of the puddles.  By the time we got back, my feet were soaked and I was covered in mud.  Good times!!

Gotta run.

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