Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'd like you to meet Francis

I wanted to bring something a little more special than a photo, pillow or blanket when we left home for this journey.

So I brought "Francis".

Francis usually has a nice spot on the table in the Airstream, or on the kitchen counter (depends where the sun is shining).

Francis has to make the trip back home because I couldn't stand the thought of leaving it in the trailer while we were gone......... A month without sunlight or water would certainly be the end of Francis.

Even thought Andrew says I'm a nut job, I will continue to tote Francis around with me :-D

Gotta run.

Location:County Road 120,Eureka Springs,United States


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice to meet you Francis

northernbliss said...

Good Karma
Is she an umbrella ella ella plant?

Stacey (aka UltraPrincess) said...

Francis is a money tree..... Bought it after we were both unemployed :D

JP said...

I believe it's the little things that speak the loudest about a person. Frances is one lucky houseplant.

Anonymous said...

So that is how you are financing your adventures - Francis!! ;o)

Fruit Fly said...

This is adorable.
Hello Francis!!