Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Beaver Lakefront Cabins

We've been here since Sunday.

We've chilled out and watched movies.......

..... at our own private cottage.

With fantastic views.

They have this floating dock........

You can use canoes, kayaks, boats, or lay out in the sun......... Errr.......... snow.

Have you ever heard of indoor fishing?

They supply the poles, hooks, and bait. I tossed a few worms into the water so I could watch the fish eat them.

Last night we had Chef Denise come out and cook us dinner. This service is offered through Beaver Lakefront Cabin's website. What an awesome experience.

The roads around here are much like the Dragon's Tail..... Another biker's dream.

The Eureka Springs area is well known for its cabin rentals, wedding chapels and it's historic downtown.

Gotta come and visit this place if you get the chance.

Location:County Road 120,Eureka Springs,United States


Vaudiophile said...

I'd have to make a return trip in the summer if I were you. Looks amazing.

Paul said...

Looks pretty sweet even in winter.

Still need a name for the Airstream? How about "Sunbeam"? 8)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I love cabins,

I have heard of indoor fishing, completely different from that, the one I have done is on ice, in a hut to help block the cold wind, its still frezzing, your looks alot nicer and warmer