Friday, November 25, 2011

Cramming a couple posts together

I've decided to create my New Orleans post at a later date cause I'll never get caught up otherwise.

As I mentioned, we made it to Texas. Lots of very tall bridges.

We parked the trailer at the Sea Rim State Park in Jefferson County, Texas. Took a drive on the beach to get a feel for the place.

Wore shoes on my 9 miler because there were many shells and jelly fish.

It's very sad to see these beautiful animals washed ashore.

The beach was so awesome....... I felt like the only person on earth.

If it weren't for the extreme humidity and zillions of mosquitoes (was posted that there were 60 varieties), I could have stayed there forever.

I've never experienced such extreme humidity. It actually collected on the screens.

When the water started dripping down the walls and spraying onto the furniture we had to close the windows........ very uncomfortable sleeping at night.

A hurricane destroyed the park years ago. It's very sad that nothing seems to have been done to restore it.

The day we left, we took one last drive on the beach....... And we were off to Village Creek State Park in Lumberton, Texas.

I was having a great time on my 6.5 miler...........

....... Then I met this guy (or gal).

As I ran over it I thought "Hmmmmmmm, Weird looking stick, dead snake?"

Then it lunged, mouth open, hissing, and took a snap at me EEEEEEK.

I turned around and took another path =D

During this trip we were parked next to another Airstreaming couple.........

John and Susan invited us to share in their Thanksgiving dinner (super awesome people). They even had it a day early to accommodate us.

Got to taste some Texas home cooking. Mashed sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top and corn bread dressing to name a couple dishes. Yummy stuff!!!!!

Gotta love Texas hospitality.

Location:Farm to Market Road 1374,New Waverly,United States

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