Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rock Star Tattoo in Milwaukee

Here it is......... Yup, got me some ink.

We met Brock a few years back when we were in Milwaukee on a motorcycle trip. Long story on how that came to be.

In a nut shell....... Andrew was tattooed by him then.

Turned out great.

Ashley was tattooing a client and the client was using a 'Boobie" squeeze ball to help ease the pain. From my perspective it was hysterical so I asked to grab a pic.

Here is the finished product. The best thing about it is that it is covering a tattoo that I got over 10 years ago. It was a faded Celtic sun that was poorly executed. The swirl to the left of the koi is where it was. Look closely..............

It attaches to one I got a couple years ago (lower right).

This one hurt so freaking much a bunch. I was in the chair for 4.5 hours. It was a piece that should have been done over 2 sessions........ I don't get to Milwaukee very often so it had to be done all at once.

I am glad I got it done..... but it may be a while before I get another...... Maybe?!

What kind of tattoo experiences have you, or someone you know, had?

Gotta run.
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