Saturday, September 17, 2011

On the road.


We've enjoyed some nice views.

Love watching a fire burn.

Had a short hike in the trails.

Found this poor guy in a garbage bin.

Found this print on our folding chair this morning.

Gotta love raccoons.


northernbliss said...

A possible travelling companion for Sadie????

BabyWilt said...


How the feet?

gene said...

Awesome pics! Have fun out there!

Deloris said...

Raccoons are so cute! I love their tails and bandit masks. :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

STEVE!!!! Your wondering who the heck Steve is, When Matty O reads this, he will think the same thing, but he will be seeing red about Steve.

Steve was our friendly racoon when we went camping on a racation. He was a smart one, as soon as we closed out tents, he came out, when we opened our tents, he was disappeared. He did this all night long. All weekend long. Him and Matty became quite the friends.

Unknown said...

Don't know how Sadie would feel about a friend Yanet :P

Doing Good Baby Wilt! Will go for a run soon.

Thanks Gene :-)

Deloris: I think they are cute also.... but they can cause one heck of a lot of trouble!!!

BDD.... the raccoons that we've encountered are pretty brazen. Love the story about Steve!!!

A Prelude To... said...

The fire has got to be my favorite part of camping!

That Pink Girl said...

Love the little paw print! That's one of the things Imlove about camping, the reminders that it's not just our world, it's theirs too!

Paul said...

True raccoon story:

An experimenter is testing intelligence of raccoon. Each experiment offers a grape reward but gets more and more difficult to solve.

In the final experiment, the raccoon is given a long plastic tub with a grape wedged in the middle. he's also given a wooden dowel that could be used to push the grape out.

The raccoon studies the tube, sees the grape, *knows* that there must be a solution..there always was before after all!

After fumbling around and trying to figure it out for 10 minutes, the raccoon finally drops the tube and dowel, walks over to the experimenter and bites him in the ankle.


Unknown said...

Good one Paul!

Fruit Fly said...

That poor raccoon is just too cute!! I love the little paw print left behind!