Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Getting excited over a salad!

I have been eating like a pig since Run Woodstock. I'm talking a large bag of chips, chocolate bar, French fries....... And that would be my lunch.

Today, in lieu of a quart of Ben & Jerry's, I made a salad.

This salad totally rocks..... I started off with making a simple balsamic dressing. Then I boiled some baby potatoes (bet all you long distance athletes are salivating now) and hard boiled some eggs.

In a bowl I added pre-washed salad mix, tomatoes, cucumber, and potatoes. Tossed it with the dressing. Then added the egg and the piece de resistance...... 4 scoops of garlic infused goat cheese.

To die for!!!!!

What do you crave when you crave healthy?

Gotta chow down.

Maybe ice-cream for dessert?!
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