Sunday, June 19, 2011

United by Cancer (Un-race Report)

I thought that this event was going to be a training day..... It was almost anything but. It was more, it was better..... it was training for my soul.

I didn't get to run..... I realized that it wasn't appropriate.

I changed my mindset, tossed my game plan, and I enjoyed the event for what it was...... It was a time to celebrate people who have beat cancer, to remember those that we've lost and to connect to one another.

The first lap was dedicated to the survivors. Everyone wearing a yellow shirt was a survivor.... It was both, sad and joyous.

Our team name was named after our team captain Marie (a survivor herself).

My mother-in-law and I before the start (Andrew took the photo). They both stuck it out the entire event.

At 10pm the track was cleared and a bagpiper came round the track playing Amazing Grace. As the bagpiper made his way around, the luminaries that formed the track were lit. Each luminary represents a lost loved one.

Very overwhelming.

There was entertainment all night long.

Every hour on the hour, a lap was dedicated to something fun. There was a bubble lap, a Disney lap, a hillbilly lap, etc....... Prizes were awarded to the best costumed/ most innovative teams.

The sunrise was beautiful. It was a privilege to be there. I finished a better person than when I started.... I am grateful.

With exception of dedicated laps, potty, and fuel breaks, I was on the track the entire time. I overcame exhaustion, learned that speed walking on uneven grass was very difficult, and realized that chicken noodle soup is nectar of the gods.

By morning I had covered 51.4km (31.9 miles).

My legs were stiff and I was exhausted.

This event was not only invaluable for my training, but for my personal evolution.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank all of you for your support. xoxo

Gotta run.

Location:Queens Ave,London,Canada

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