Friday, April 1, 2011

Great deal!!!

Not wanting to lug around a large vacuum all the time, I decided to purchase an inexpensive bagless canister vacuum for everyday use (yes, everyday..... Sadie sheds like mad and tracks in dirt).

I ordered this model online from Sears for $119.99.

Two days ago, I was picking up a lamp and happened to notice that the exact vacuum was on sale for $79.99. To ensure the discount, I purchased it then and there (it's an outlet store, so once the in-stock items are gone, so is the sale).

While checking out, I was offered $10 off if I applied for a Sears Mastercard............ Sure, why the heck not?!

I received a voicemail this morning telling me that the vacuum I purchased is going on Sale tomorrow (One Day Only) for $29.99.

Do the math............. I will be paying a $19.99 for this $119.99 vacuum.

Start the car!!!!!

What kind of crazy deals have you been able to snatch up?

Gotta run.
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