Sunday, February 13, 2011

Screw me once, and shame on YOU! Screw me twice; shame on ME!!

I stopped by the store "Winners" a few days ago. You know the place... brand names- discount prices?

Anyway, I spied a pair of Nike workout gloves (I've been starting to form calluses from doing weights and chin-ups)... Not very lady-like.

Thought the low price of $14.99 was terrific! This morning I cut the gloves away from the packaging and tried them on.
I soon realized that there was a problem.....

This is the packaging...

These were the gloves I removed..... Ummmmm, not Nike.

I suppose I should have noticed, but C'mon!

I'm not going to bother bringing them back because my time and energy is worth more than the gloves.

Gotta be more cautious when I shop there.

p.s. Previously I had purchased a crystal wine glass set with a carafe from Winner's sister store 'Home Sense'.... Got home and the carafe was missing from the box. Didn't bother returning that either.
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