Sunday, February 13, 2011

Screw me once, and shame on YOU! Screw me twice; shame on ME!!

I stopped by the store "Winners" a few days ago. You know the place... brand names- discount prices?

Anyway, I spied a pair of Nike workout gloves (I've been starting to form calluses from doing weights and chin-ups)... Not very lady-like.

Thought the low price of $14.99 was terrific! This morning I cut the gloves away from the packaging and tried them on.
I soon realized that there was a problem.....

This is the packaging...

These were the gloves I removed..... Ummmmm, not Nike.

I suppose I should have noticed, but C'mon!

I'm not going to bother bringing them back because my time and energy is worth more than the gloves.

Gotta be more cautious when I shop there.

p.s. Previously I had purchased a crystal wine glass set with a carafe from Winner's sister store 'Home Sense'.... Got home and the carafe was missing from the box. Didn't bother returning that either.


Stuart said...

ugh i hate it when that happens!

Matthew Bradford said...

I would be furious! What a lame company.

You have the patience of a saint.

That Pink Girl said...

Whaaaat? Girl, I'd take them back. I'm pretty sure that's illegal if it was done intentionally. Or maybe someone switched packaging to get Nike gloves for even cheaper? Either way, so sad. I'm sorry this happened to you - so frustrating!