Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Condo?

We've got an accepted offer on a condo in London. We are awaiting our lawyer's review of the condo status papers.

A 2100 square foot, three story, 2 bedroom condo with four balconies and four bathrooms is a rare find!!!

Here is our roof top balcony...err... our soon to be balcony.

We got to go through the unit with the home inspector today. Funny.... It seemed so much smaller this third time around.

We will be downsizing by about half the square footage. Lots of purging will be happening over the next couple of months!

Gotta hope the condo papers prove positive!


Unknown said...

How exciting, Congratulations!!

northernbliss said...

I'll bring sticky notes to put on everything I would like - just in case...I have my eye on a couple of things.

Unknown said...

Thanks Christine.... It is exciting!