Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Showering at the 'Y'.

Important background info: I was brought up to be quite modest. I am not comfortable being naked around others.

For those of you who may not know, there are private stalls for showering, and some not-so-private ones at the YMCA. At my particular gym, the one side has private stalls and the other side has open showers.

I took a shower after my very first class.

I finished my shower and grabbed my stuff (it was quite an arm-full with my clothes and shower supplies etc). I'm busy in my own little world, making sure not to drop anything on the wet floor, wondering if I was going to get athletes foot because I walked barefoot on the floor, etc...........

I part the curtain to exit, and I am literally taken aback as I stand facing a naked woman who was rinsing off. Traumatized, I jumped backwards and gasped. Needless to say, I felt horrible for my reaction and immediately apologized (as I scurried out of the shower area).

Yesterday, I enter the change room and there are 3 naked women standing/ toweling off within arms length of me. I only jumped back a little.

I am certain that I will eventually get used to the nakedness, I may even try it once..... But for now, I will make sure to keep my eyes focused on the floor.

Are you comfortable with nakedness?

Gotta erase those images.


northernbliss said...

I am not even going to answer that question ;o)

Get over it!!! You probably have a beautiful body - you work hard at being fit it off - be proud - every one is different and you are one of the more prettier different ones.

Derek said...

Funny stuff. I guess after my Marine Corps days nakedness doesn't bother me anymore. (nothing was private in the military, and I mean NOTHING!)