Thursday, August 19, 2010



My physiotherapist asked me today how long it takes to train for an ultramarathon. I starting talking about needing a pretty good base in order to start training for one, that it would take a long time if the person's conditioning wasn't optimal...... blah, blah, blah.

Which lead to his next question... When did I have to be ready to run and how ready did I have to be? I suppose I hadn't really thought about how fast time is going by and where I stood in relation to my goal. My homework was to figure out where I needed to be physically and when I needed to be there. With that information, he and I will come up with a master plan.

I got home tonight and looked at the calendar, I counted back 24 weeks from next years Canadian Death Race (24 weeks being the length of my ultra training). After that I counted back 18 weeks (length of my marathon training). From there I counted back to today....

I've got about six weeks to work myself up to running 3 days a week. I will also need the ability to complete one long run of 7-8 miles at the end of that time period. If my quad is willing and able, I should have no problem. If it's not..... let's not think that way just yet.

I absolutely have to believe that things are going to work out for me.....

Gotta believe in the power of positive thinking!
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