Thursday, August 26, 2010


Arrived in town yesterday after almost a month away. I was very excited to go and get my baby girl from ( for those who may not know, 'Baby girl' is Sadie, my golden retriever).

En route to Gramma's I travelled through construction, as it's everywhere during the summer. I hit a pot hole and my jeep sounded like it cracked in half. I think it may have.

I had to call the dealership and return home. On the return trip I took a different route only to be driving through more construction and more rough terrain. Sounds like something isn't attached well or something is cracked in half :)

Lined up to go through construction on my way home.

I suppose I should look at the positive..... I need an oil change, and have been meaning to get my engine checked out (the check engine light has been on for months).

If something is seriously wrong with the engine, maybe the pothole damage is actually saving my life!

Gotta run.

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Location:Front Rd N,Amherstburg,Canada


Darek said...

Welcome back to Windsor/LaSalle construction zone.

northernbliss said...

I bet Sadie Poo Poo was happy to see you.