Monday, August 2, 2010

Action Plan

I've got one more trip scheduled this month. After I am back from that, I am signing up at the local YMCA. Here are some of the classes that I am going to be taking:

Boot Camp: Circuit Training class consisting of Cardio and weights.Come prepared to work, sweat and reshape your body.

Cardio Blast: This energetic cardio class offers high/low impact options as they develop increased cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength. Instructor will suggest modifications of moves for participants of all fitness levels.

Group Power: Group Power® is your hour of power! This 60 minute barbell program strengthens all your major muscles in an inspiring, motivating group environment with fantastic music and awesome instructors. With simple, athletic movements such as squats, lunges, presses and curls, Group Power is for all ages and fitness levels. Discover results, discover Group Power!

Zumba: Zumba is a fusion of high energy and motivating music with unique, Latin inspired moves and combos that allow you to dance the hour away! Fun and easy to do!

Deep Aquafit: This class has all the components of a fitness class, including cardio, muscle strengthening and endurance and stretching. Floatation belts provided. Particpants need not know how to swim, but should be comfortable in deep water. Pool depth minimum 7 feet.

Yoga: Techniques focus on postures, breathing and meditation.Participants will gain strength and flexibility, while teaching mind and body relaxation. Participants are encouraged to bring their own yoga mats.

Pilates Fit: Need an energy boost? Would you like a stronger mid-section, better posture, and stress relief? This 8 week program is
designed to deliver results with an emphasis on alignment principles and breathing techniques to strengthen the mid-section effectively, without strain.

Group ride: Pedal in groups, roll over hills, chase the pack, climb mountains and spin your way to burning calories and strengthening your lower body. This 60 minute cycling program is geared for anyone that can ride a bike. Motivating music, awesome instructors and an inspiring group environment lets you Ride On!

I have been asked "Why on earth are you signing up to the 'Y'? You already have a home gym and a fitness centre in your apartment building"........

The simple answer is that I need some structure and motivation right now. Going to classes will help me build a terrific base.... a base that will help me when I am able to run again. All I have to now is nail down a schedule that fits into my life.

Gotta plan.

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