Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Large Roadside Attractions.... and other stuff.

Here is the best photograph I took while on the "wheel of death". I'm quivering just thinking about my experience.

Big moose in Niagara Falls, Ontario

This is Mr. Furnace... he's in Alanburg, Ontario

We've got Muddy the Mudcat from Dunnsville, Ontario

I spotted this fruit market in the middle of nowhere (Flamborough, Ontario to be more precise). I had Andrew pull over and I bought pies, jam, fruit, pickles and veggies. Since I haven't been able to work out I've taken to eating a lot.

I hope I get to work out soon..... I think that before I go crazy I will have grown 5 pant sizes.

Gotta Binge.


Stuart said...

Wow that's a big ol' moose!

Stacey said...

He even had some giant 'Moose bits" underneath!