Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hair cut takes years off.

I broke down and had Sadie shaved. Now she can have a cool summer! She looks so much younger. It's pretty amazing how much difference a hair cut can make.

Here is Sadie before.....

.... and Sadie after.

Gotta run.

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juli said...

Oh my God! She looks so cute! I gotta see her and give her a scratch!

northernbliss said...

Does she like it - you can't tell from her face - she looks like a totally different puppy.

Stacey said...

You'll have to come over to see her next week Juli.

I think she really like it Yanet. She no longer pants... she is much cooler!

juli said...

Hey, I wonder if a haircut will do that for me! : D

Anonymous said...

Cooler as in temperature wise or cooler as in Coool Man? Both I am sure.