Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tired of Visors?

I'm always looking for new and fun fashion accessories for my running. I wanted to share this one for those of you who haven't heard.

The company is called "Bondiband" and their head wear really quite fab!!! With Prices around $8 USD you don't have to break the bank for fashion.

This is what the Bondiband headband looks like on. Below are a couple of the patterns that I ordered for myself. They have a large selection of lycra and moisture wicking products.

This pattern is called Chinaflower.

This is self explanatory ;)

To check out their website click on the 'bondiband' logo at the top of this post.

Gotta run.

p.s. They have a selection for men, children and pets also!


northernbliss said...

Is Sadie going to be wearing one on her walks????

Gailanne said...

OMG! I Love the stuff on there. And they are so cheap! I'm eyeing some of the running, rowing, and yoga sayings I just saw... Hmm... It looks like I will have something else to collect :)

Better yet... I will just totally blame you... hehehe

Stacey said...

I didn't buy Sadie one... yet!

I think you'll love them Gailanne. You can give me the credit or blame! lol