Monday, May 24, 2010

Injury x 2 = PFFFFT!

Since my quad was feeling good I decided to go for a 3 mile run..... It was horrible. I was in pain the whole time. I got home, stretched and decided to ice the s--t out of it (I certainly did).

After the ice, I started to do some ab work and noticed that this welt was on my leg. Is it really possible to get frostbite from an icepack? I went to the pharmacy and the pharmacist said that I needed to go to a doctor. Gee, thanks for the great insight.

From what I read there doesn't seem to be anything I can do. I'll just wait it out. It's turned from a light pink, to dark pink with some purple throughout. Because today is a holiday (Victoria Day/ May two-four), I'm not going to waste 8 hours trying to get into emergency to see a doctor. If it gets worse I'll go to a clinic tomorrow.

Gotta run.


Derek said...

I'm not sure about frostbite from an icepack because I've done it way too many times and kept it for way too long as well. It might be the injury. Keep us updated and hope it gets to feeling better soon.

juli said...

Gah! Feel better soon! Hope you guys had a great weekend.