Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some bad news :-(

I put my running shoes on yesterday (first time since the race.... 3 LONG weeks ago). I made it about 20 seconds before the pain started shooting up my leg. It is swollen and is hurting when I walk on it.

I had to let my sister know that I would only be able to walk the Women's Nike Marathon. I know how disappointed she is.... as this is her first. I am so sorry Jodie :-(

I will go to the doctor when I get back from my trip. I don't want to be told not to walk the marathon. I dread going because he will give me the "I told you so" speech and tell me how bad running is for my body.... blah, blah, blah... Talk To The Hand!

I need to find an understanding physician who runs.

On a brighter note:


I am very thankful for all my blogger friends and supporters out there.

Gotta ru.....ummm... walk.


Stuart said...

Ouch, well as you know you and me both!

Lets hope we can both get some good news this week! Hang tough!

Katy said...

Hi! I'm Katy. I love reading your blog. I'm also signed up for the NIKE women's marathon...sadly I've been battling plantar fasciitis..the last 5 weeks or so...i'll be out there walking too. :) boo hoo!

Stacey said...

I've got my fingers crossed Stuart!

Stacey said...

Hi Katy!

Thanks for taking time to visit and comment. It's nice to know that I'm not alone. Have a great time in San Fran! I am gonna crawl if I have to... I am getting that Tiffany necklace! ;-D

Anonymous said...

There is no shame in walking - you all had to walk before you could run. Enjoy the time in San Francisco and walking with Jodie for ?6 hours?? That is how long it took me to walk the Chicago Marathion. I'll be walking the Detroit Freepress 1/2 on Sunday and I'll be thinking of you.

DavidH said...

Dang, sorry to hear. :( Good luck in getting things figured out.

Gailanne said...

Try doing non-impact workouts for your taper such as pool running and cycling...

I really hope this passes and that it is nothing serious.

Hope you had a really good Thanksgiving and that you and Jodie have a great time in San Francisco. Bring home the Tiffany!

juli said...

Crap! Too bad about that. But at least you will be able to enjoy the aid stations, entertainment, and scenery more! : ] Have fun and enjoy the day (and take lots of pictures!).

cath said...

walking...a good chance to get zen and meditate a tad? Enjoy it anyway...there's lots of running to do-later..

Anonymous said...

Love you Stace! Can't wait to see you. If we must, we shall roll each other over the finish line ! haha!

Stacey said...

Thanks to all for their comments!!!

I will try and blog at least once during the trip. I may get some Tweets in also!