Monday, September 14, 2009

Biker Bee-och! (tee hee)

This is my first picture alone on Andrew's Road King Classic. The kickstand is engaged..... I can't lift the bloody thing. It's massive and weighs something like 900 lbs.

We attended a Bar B Q at the Harley Davidson store (Thunder Road) on Saturday. Where I picked up these fabulous riding boots (50% off). At this point I don't own a leather jacket to "go" with the boots. It just kills me to pay the jacked up prices that comes with the "Harley" name brand. There were only 2 jackets that I would wear (at the store) , but they were not on sale.

Andrew took me for a ride last night. The weather was perfect for riding.... not too hot or too cold.

Five more sleeps until the World Alzheimer Day Run! Gotta get my special needs bag together.... and soon!

Gotta run.

p.s. I may have some very exciting news later on today (1pm)! Right Andrew?! =D
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