Monday, July 13, 2009

Riding Motorcycles, Driving a Jeep, Running.... What do all of these have in common?

Besides being things I really enjoy doing, they all have a special WAVE.

Andrew found out that it is proper etiquette for a passenger on a motorcycle to wave to other bikers... it is not mandatory.

There are web sites dedicated to Jeep waiving. There is a whole classification system to rate how well you should be respected amongst Jeep owners, according to model and current conditions of your Jeep. The older the Jeep and the poorer the condition (due to off roading) puts you on the top of the list.

Waving is a great social connection for those of us that are introverted..... if that makes any sense? I like the fact that I don't have to sit and socialize. If there ever is any sort of conversation that stems from the wave, it's usually brief.

It seems to me that most people enjoy being acknowledged.

As runners, we get to wave at more people. There aren't any strict guidelines. Basically, if you do not wave after being waved to... you're an ass!

I get very offended if people don't wave back. The only exceptions are bicycle riders. It can be difficult taking your hands of the steering wheel. I do expect a nod, or "hello".... some sort of acknowledgment.

With all the waving I do I should apply for a new job. something like.... hmmmmm

Today's 18 miler was effortless. It was a beautiful 15 degrees (59 F) with a gentle breeze and blue skies. The time went by so quickly I felt like I could have kept on running forever. This is the kind of day that reinforces one's love for running. Can't top that.... I hope I feel the same after tomorrow's 24 miler.

Gotta run.


Anonymous said...

I wave at everyone in the cars that pass me - I walk against the traffic and I feel the same - if I don't get a wave back I think to myself "stuck-up" and that is being nice. I like it when the big trucks honk their horns at me. And the bikers with their at the side wave. It's the little things....

Stuart said...

We are so on the same wavelength! It's just common courtesy! Great 18 miles and nice temps to boot!