Friday, April 3, 2009

8 Miler!

Last night I got in an 8 mile run. I was very happy because it was pain free and I didn't wear any compression garments or braces.

My hamstring was sore at first and then it went away. Then my knee felt like it was going to act up... but it didn't. My shins started to ache but stopped. I think that my body is just not used to it anymore and I am just too paranoid about causing further injury. It turned out to be a really great run!

I am a bit anxious/ nervous about increasing my mileage. I really need to get on track with my training. I only have a couple of weeks to get up to a 15 mile run. I am undecided on how, or if, I am going to achieve it.

p.s. I finally got my "official" acceptance letter via email, for the San Francisco marathon.

I will leave you with a Vegas pic.... on our way through a mall back to the hotel to pick up our luggage to leave for the airport. We ran into some of America's finest... three sweet, young navel officers!


Anonymous said...

cute pic stacey


Stacey said...

Thanks Shelley!